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Power Systems Specialty Award

We are pleased to announce that Maple Computing has recently earned the Power Systems Specialty Award from IBM, one of only eleven IBM business partners in the UK to receive this award. The IBM Power Systems Specialty recognizes and rewards IBM Business Partners who make a significant investment in skills and certifications, have acquired and completed […]

POWER8 & the Traditional IBM Customer?

With IBM’s POWER8 now well and truly launched, Big Blue’s sights seem firmly fixed on the x86 market and winning share with what seems to be quite a compelling offering. However, where does this leave our traditional customers? In our opinion, whatever the answer is with POWER8, it cannot be bad.  While IBM brings the fight […]

Google and POWER8

IBM’s new POWER8 chip took three years and $2.4 billion to design and IBM launched its own servers using the processor as a push to answer the spread of scale-out servers based on Intel’s Xeon chips. This article from cnet discusses how Google are looking to implement POWER8 technology on their new servers, proving that […]


POWER8 – The next big innovation In August 2013 IBM revealed details of the 12-core POWER8 chip, which is twice as fast as the POWER7 chip used in the Watson supercomputer.  In May 2014 it arrived. POWER8 is designed to be a massively multithreaded chip, capable of handling 96 hardware threads simultaneously. The chip makes […]