Most chief innovation officers will upgrade the backup and recovery tools within their virtualised environments within the next two years, research by Vanson Bourne has found.

The study found that two thirds (66%) believe their current backup and recovery tools will become less effective as the amount of data and servers in their infrastructure grows. The study estimates that just under half (49.9%) of servers are now virtualised in the UK, however, this figure is likely to grow to two thirds (66.8%) within two years.

The research found 58% of organisations across the US, UK, France and Germany want to upgrade their current backup tools. However, there is a much greater appetite in the US where 43% plan to upgrade within six months, compared to just 24% in the UK.

The study said that total cost of ownership was the main driver for change, although it said complexity and capability related challenges were also motivating factors. The report said many organisations did not currently have the right tools to take full advantage of the faster data protection capabilities in virtualised environments. Although it said the average time to recover data from virtual servers in the UK (3.97 hours) was still much faster than from physical servers (7.62 hours).