Maple’s Platform Services including engineering services, staging and proof-of-concept facilities as well as relocation services.

From patching and firmware updates to major operating system upgrades, Maple has the resources and methodology that have proven time and time again our ability to deliver the right solution for you. Minimising risk as well as downtime, we have a number of ways to make these critical processes as seamless as possible.

Sometimes you just need a man that can. With our Engineering Services, Maple has the ability to cost-effectively provide for simple tasks such as the installation of a spare disk all the way through to complete complex system builds, logical and virtual partitioning and engineer-lead installations.

With access to some of the most advanced fleets in the industry from air-ride trucks to tail lifts and professional datacentre relocation experts, Maple’s Equipment and Facility Relocation Services can move anything from a single server to an entire estate. Our services include not just the physical relocation but also the technical knowhow to be able to de-commission properly before moving and re-commissioning and configuring at the target location. A true “end-to-end” service.