Data security is a growing area of concern for businesses in all sectors. The need for caution is re-enforced with recent legislation changes that levy aggressive penalties for those found in breach of the strictly defined procedures relating to the secure disposal of their data.

To date there is no widely recognised standard to which organisations should operate when it comes to secure data disposal; indeed many organisations entrust some of their most sensitive assets (data) to relatively unknown companies with little ability to demonstrate any true credentials or ability in the secure management or disposal of your data. Obsolete IT hardware is often viewed as a nuisance and the solution is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. As such, many IT Asset Disposal companies have appeared on the market, often removing hardware for free if they are able to remarket the items.

It is ironic that organisations spend huge amounts of money protecting their IT infrastructure with the latest security techniques and site access restrictions; yet at the end of the lifecycle of this hardware, they are prepared to pass it, with data still installed, to largely un-vetted companies, for free, entrusting them to do what is required with little proof or evidence of how they operate.

Maple Computing has chosen to work with Procurri Services who work to the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA – standard, one of only a handful of organisations working and accrediting organisations in the secure disposal and erasure of data. The intention is to have an international standard that organisations can deliver to, which includes the secure transport, process, erasure and disposal of end-of-life IT hardware and its associated data.

Maple Computers and TG Services are able to offer secure disk wiping to CESG certified level, providing a report of all disks that have been erased, providing you with the comfort of knowing that your data has been properly removed.

Certified Data Cleansing