At Maple, we provide a service designed to add specific value in managing your Maintenance and Support Contracts. Whether vendor-specific hardware and software support or ad hoc break fix, we are uniquely placed to be able to offer a proven process that really delivers a competitive TCO and ROI result whilst simplifying contract and vendor management.

We have helped numerous customers shop around to find the right maintenance supplier, (or mix of suppliers) for their needs, realising the full potential of their operating budget and typically driving savings of 20% annually – savings that can go back to the business either as usable capex or directly to the bottom line.

We deliver this through a number of routes some of which are:

  • Simplify support with single-source, integrated services for IBM and third-party hardware and software solutions
  • Consultancy to consolidate your contracts on to a single, easy-to-manage contract saving administrative time and also confusion when that all important support call are placed
  • Integrate Hardware and Software Agreements with one service number when possible, driving operations and cost efficiencies
  • Varying the levels of support cover on your estate, allowing you to cover only business critical equipment fully 24/7 while covering other equipment at an equally appropriate level, ensuring the most cost-effective plan
  • Offer scalable and flexible payment terms with prepayment discounts

Making sure that the right equipment is on the right level of cover with the right supplier at the right price means you never pay more than you need to just for ease of administration.