Is upfront capital outlay threatening to delay or derail IT projects that are vital to your business? Leasing can be a very effective tool to help you and your organisation unstick critical projects stalled due to budget constraints.

Due to the speed at which technology changes, and the burden on companies to keep up with the competition and have the most efficient IT infrastructure, leasing is becoming increasingly attractive. CIOs and CFOs agree that under-investment in IT can lead to a competitive disadvantage and that harnessing the latest IT is often cited as a fast route to enabling business advantage.

While many companies want the latest technology, it is clear it comes at a price and with a heavy initial capital outlay. Leasing can overcome that, and provide funding that maintains existing credit lines. Other benefits of leasing include:

  • Potential to offset leasing payments against taxable profits
  • Leasing payments usually counted as operating expense
  • Flexibility in payments to suit seasonal changes in your cashflow
  • Access to the capital that would otherwise be tied up in depreciating IT infrastructure
  • Change or upgrade hardware before the end of its natural lifecycle
  • Upgrade, swap out or trade in items during the life of the lease
  • Spread cost of infrastructure over time

As a strategic leasing partner, Maple has assisted many customers with leasing solutions, works with the best in the industry in this area and fully understands the mechanics involved.