If you are considering outsourcing any of your IT services and operations in your organisation to improve your business, Maple can help you make the right decisions faster and with confidence. We can help you produce results earlier by managing the transition and by taking advantage of our experience with other outsourcing and managed service providers.

Before embarking on any outsourcing, managed service, cloud or even simple co-location solution, it is hugely important to understand how much it costs to run your IT today. Not only hardware maintenance, software maintenance and new capital outlay have to be taken in to account, but also current depreciation, staffing and facilities costs, electricity charges to run and cool your infrastructure – to name just a few. Once you have this knowledge, it becomes much easier to make a sound business case for a particular outsourcing solution, clearly showing how running costs could be reduced.

Maple’s Outsourcing Advisory practice provides a complete service to evaluate available outsourcing options to give you full peace of mind. As well as helping your determine current total IT running cost, Maple can help you understand the increasing variety of outsourcing options available and decide what you could, should and should not outsource. And where there is a sound business case for making a change, Maple can act as your broker to identify appropriate, tried and tested solutions and suppliers and to negotiate competitive terms and acceptable service level agreements. Finally, we can oversee and guide you through the transition from in-house to outsourced services.