Rapid Access represents a new, flexible approach to a support contract. It is like an insurance policy with a low claims discount. Maple’s Rapid Access enables customers to pre agree support contract days and support calls giving you access to Maple’s internal technical support and their partners. Annual contracts start from an entry level 5 full consultancy days and a minimum of 10 support calls.

Rapid Access features

  • Support across multiple platforms
  • Rapid Access is backed by internal technical consultants and UK manufacturers, for those calls requiring manufacturer’s assistance, enabling rapid, comprehensive resolution of the most complex hardware and software issues
  • If, at the end of the year, you haven’t used all your support days, unused support will be carried over to the following contract year
  • Unused support can also be converted into valuable technical consultancy time, allowing you access to our expertise to enhance your business performance or enable valuable projects to commence at no extra cost.

Benefits of Rapid Access

  • Low Claims Bonus for unused support for annual renewals
  • Expert advice
  • Flexible approach to a software support contract
  • Rapid Access contracts allows support across multiple IT disciplines, not just a single platform