Disaster Recovery is as important to your business as Backup Strategy. While the likelihood of fire, flood, hurricane or earthquake destroying your data centre remain remote, the chances of serious system software flaw, hardware failure or accidental or malicious damage disabling even part of your critical IT infrastructure is far more likely. An extended outage of your business critical applications and services – not being able to make, take or ship customer orders – will significantly impact your company’s top line and leave a longer-term dent in its reputation.

Maple has many years of combined experience in all aspects of Disaster Recovery and can provide consultancy services in this field that include:

  • Disaster recovery strategy and plan assessment – is your current plan fit-for-purpose?
  • Disaster recovery strategy and plan development, where you don’t already have a defined plan for recovering your critical IT systems
  • Disaster recovery testing – a plan is only as good as its testing! If you haven’t tested your plan recently, benefit from Maple’s extensive experience to test your existing DR plan. Maple will manage the test end-to-end: understand and agree scope, liaise with stakeholders, manage the recovery team, required downtime, test script preparation and recovery documentation review, as well as produce and document both test and cutback procedures. Furthermore, we can lead the testing on the day and document the test results
  • Business continuity planning – while not a core offering, we can also tie your IT disaster recovery strategy with your business continuity plan should you so wish, working with our partners to provide desk space, PCs and call centres in case of a major incident affecting your entire business