While an irrefutable tenet of classic physics argues that matter cannot exist in two places at one time, data definitely can and often should. To that end, data replication is an established and straightforward way to protect critical business data and provide a High Availability solution to reduce the impact of system maintenance and ensure business continuity for your IT services.

From periodically vaulting large blocks of data to inexpensive cloud storage, to real-time replication of virtual machine images in clustered environments, replication is a reliable and flexible data transfer mechanism that protects your business data and meets the ever decreasing recovery point objective (RPO) your business leaders demand. Used in conjunction with your Disaster Recovery Strategy (link to previous section), it can also enable you to recover your IT services significantly more quickly, helping you to meet your business’s ever-decreasing recovery time objective (RTO) too.

Replication tools of various types are available through storage, backup or virtualization solution vendors and each tool fits a well-defined niche in the market. Software-based logical replication solutions are still commonplace and pertinent, with hardware-based physical replication solutions becoming evermore popular. Many, however, require matching source and target hardware and high capacity bandwidth, or can support only part of your physical or virtual computing environment. Maple extensive technical and solutions knowledge can help you through the High Availability maze.