The process of assessing information technology systems and communication systems for security weaknesses can be started with an initial Vulnerability Assessment. It is designed to identify, quantify and prioritise vulnerabilities into a ranking system to determine if there are known vulnerabilities exposed in the existing infrastructure. It can be performed either externally from the intended target or internally to determine internal exposures that may not be accessible from traditional entry points. Once the scope of the assessment has been determined the initial phase is to start to profile any vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and then to manually verify without exploitation that they are valid and then to categorise them based on the risk they represent to the organisation.

As the number, geographical location and complexity of the systems connected to your network increase then so do the variety and potential vulnerabilities in your IT ecosystem increase. There may be systems which are under your direct control or employee devices that have been granted limited access to IT services as well as third-party hosted cloud, web hosting or security systems. All of these can have an impact on your organisation’s reputation, data leakage and risk and should be included in determining where your critical threats may occur.

Vulnerability Assessments have the following benefits:

  • Skilled consultants perform the assessment
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements can be signed before commencement
  • Reduces the initial costs of a full penetration test
  • Prioritises spending on critical security weaknesses
  • Baselines your current security posture

We offer Vulnerability Assessments that are tailor-made to your requirements and ensure that we keep our methods up-to-date with industry trends and threats. Once the assessment has been completed we will send you a report on the findings and the next steps to ensure any discoveries are explained and the remediation steps outlined so you can take action on the discovery.