UK data centres are unprepared for the huge increase in data volume likely to be generated by Big Data applications, according to Research Now. The market research firm found half of organisations (55%) were expecting data centre capacity to increase over the next two years – with a little over a third (34%) expecting it to stay the same. Its report claimed, however, organisations are failing to factor the rise in demand for Big Data applications. It said those companies which have begun to deploy Big Data applications, are expecting increased data volumes of between 40-50%.

The report also claimed as Big Data applications begin to take their toll on data centres, energy costs could spiral. It said around two thirds of a data centres’ operating budget was taken up by energy costs – yet only one fifth of organisations know how much their energy charges are and only 14% review this monthly.

“More and more businesses are trying to personalise customer services, content and advertising for their customers with the help of Big Data applications,” said Michelle Senecal de Fonseca, managing director of hosting at report sponsor Cable&Wireless Worldwide.

“However, without an understanding of the impact of these emerging trends on infrastructure requirements and with little grasp of how much their data centre is costing them in power, organisations run a real risk of losing control of operational costs as they try to keep up with business objectives.”