The deployment of virtual networking will allow businesses to become ‘dynamic enterprises’, an Accenture report has claimed. The management consultancy said businesses had already successfully created efficient data centre infrastructures by virtualising servers and storage. However, it claimed by extending this virtualisation technology to the switch and router level, through software-defined networking, companies would maximise their existing investments.

Accenture said the network is the foundation of the data centre and whereas previously it has been difficult to make this more dynamic, this was now achievable.

“With virtualisation investments already paying off in servers and starting to pay off in storage, businesses must turn their attention to virtualising the network in order to extend the life of their infrastructure and reap the full value of their virtualisation investments,” the report said.

“Like other virtualisation technologies, software-defined networking has the ability to radically change the flexibility with which businesses and IT operate. You may think of networking as a low-level technology, but this aspect of it has the ability to transform enterprises. With software-defined networking, businesses can finally realise the vision of a dynamic enterprise.”

Accenture said software-defined networking uncouples the hardware and removes the requirement of applications to understand how routers and switches connect to multiple networks as those connections are now performed by the software.