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Cognitive services

Increasingly complex IT environments can lead to human error, system issues and inefficient allocation of resources. Automating your IT processes or operations can help your organisation to address these issues while creating cost savings. At Maple, our experienced consultants are working with customers to prepare them for a new wave of requirements, workloads and challenges presented by AI, the Internet of Things and a more mobile, cognitive world.

Advanced Automation

Enterprise A.I

We have moved from saying that “AI is coming” to “AI is here and now.” AI is a cataclysmic shift that is causing not just IT in organizations but also the CIO, the CTO, and the CEO to rethink their businesses.

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A.I optimised Platforms

Maple computing have strong partnerships with the leading AI cloud providers as well as dedicated GPU compute hardware platforms from NVIDIA and IBM.

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A global network

Service Now

We can support at all levels from programme strategy to custom development and have a global network of ServiceNow certified team members ready to step in and deliver quickly and efficiently.

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Whether hosted or on-premise, Maple can support in overcoming these challenges that all too often stall or even stop an AI project in its tracks.

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Reach the cloud
You know the cloud offers higher efficiency and greater performance at lower cost but getting there requires strategy.

More than a leaf

A Blueprint to your success

The Maple Blueprint

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The Maple Blueprint
1. Infrastructure 2. Cyber 3. Cognitive 4. Data 5. Managed

1. Infrastructure


  • IBM Power - IBM i, Storage, IBM AIX Physical & IAAS/cloud
  • After warranty Maintenance & Software Licensing optimisation
  • On demand and on premise compute with multi cloud
  • HP or Lenovo compute and storage
  • NetApp Storage

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2. Cyber


  • Network security and AI driven threat protection
  • Managed Security and Soc
  • Fraud Detection and prevention

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3. Cognitive


  • Enterprise A.I
  • A.I optimised Platforms
  • Service Now
  • A.I and Machine Learning at Scale
  • Business analytics

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4. Data


  • Cloud replication & backup to the cloud
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Automated data protection

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5. Managed


  • iSeries remote management
  • Rapid Access
  • Storage management
  • Systems management

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