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Manufacture’s or third party maintenance

We provide Both Manufacture’s own and third-party maintenance services with an approach designed to be able to offer a proven process that really delivers a competitive TCO and ROI result whilst simplifying contract and vendor management.

Making sure that the right equipment is on the right level of cover with the right supplier at the right price means you never pay more than you need to just for ease of administration.

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Contract Management Service

Contract Management affects 80% of business to business transactions but is inefficient in many organisations due to time consuming and resource-heavy processes that are currently in place or lack of emphasis on the importance of supplier compliance.

Very few organisations have a single central repository that holds all the information on all supplier contracts. Management is made more difficult when data relating to these contracts sit in multiple locations in many different formats. As well as the physical documents that are stored on hard drives, I.T networks, in filing cabinets there is also knowledge held by individuals that is not documented. All too often, a contract will automatically renew because the termination date passed without a competitive review reflecting the fragmented control and lack of structured processes.

The Benefits

Contract Management

Maple’s Contract Management will provide the strategic foundation for managing supplier relationships effectively.

Contract milestone tracking, expiry alerts, secure document repository and a grasp on historic contracts are necessary to optimise contractual supplier relationships and overall contract performance to ensure contracts are managed pro-actively and savings/value does not erode value hard-won at the sourcing phase.

The Maple solution enables you to get timely insights into contract renewals, obligations, exposures, expirations, changes and renewals delivering greater control over your contracts, reducing costly oversights and exposing potential risks.

Contract Management provides a single data repository for every corporate contract or a subset of contracts and ensures that the relevant person is always notified in good time to review the agreements prior to renewal/termination dates.

  • Comprehensive Contract capture
  • Renewal status and alerts
  • Document attachments
  • Contract Ownership
  • Renewal Management
  • Automatic Quotations for renewal or changes
  • Dedicated Maple contact.

Maple’s Contract Management service allows organisations to systematically take a centralised control over supplier contracts, whilst ensuring that the appropriate manager is always aware of pending renewals in good time to take the appropriate action and deliver “best value” to the business.

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We work closely with our customers across multiple business cycles to ensure they get the best business outcome from their investments in digital platforms, data and IoT as their digital strategy evolves. We see ourselves as a business partner in the fullest sense of the term.

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With a solid market perspective, over 20 years’ experience in delivering IBM state-of-the-art enterprise solutions, we can support businesses to turn their ambitions into reality. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current IT infrastructure or adopt new digital capabilities, Maple has the experience and know-how to help.

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The Maple Blueprint

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The Maple Blueprint
1. Infrastructure 2. Cyber 3. Cognitive 4. Data 5. Managed

1. Infrastructure


  • IBM Power - IBM i, Storage, IBM AIX Physical & IAAS/cloud
  • After warranty Maintenance & Software Licensing optimisation
  • On demand and on premise compute with multi cloud
  • HP or Lenovo compute and storage
  • NetApp Storage

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2. Cyber


  • Network security and AI driven threat protection
  • Managed Security and Soc
  • Fraud Detection and prevention

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3. Cognitive


  • Enterprise A.I
  • A.I optimised Platforms
  • Service Now
  • A.I and Machine Learning at Scale
  • Business analytics

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4. Data


  • Cloud replication & backup to the cloud
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Automated data protection

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5. Managed


  • iSeries remote management
  • Rapid Access
  • Storage management
  • Systems management

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